Foreign affairs

On the Department of External Relations:

The Department of External Relations at the University of West Kordofan is responsible for all the academic relations of the University with other universities at the local, regional and international levels, and the scientific and research centers and organizations, which are responsible for proposing and arranging priorities in establishing relations with them in order to serve the development of the educational, research and service process. Strengthening the University's status at the local, regional and international levels.

The message:

It aims at creating and establishing supportive academic relations between the university and local, regional and international academic institutions in support of the mission and vision of the university. This will help to establish fruitful and long-term academic partnerships that will contribute to enhancing the role of the university locally, regionally and internationally.


-                     Developing the strategy of external academic relations at the university and building an operational plan.

-                     Supporting the efforts of the university in identifying, establishing and maintaining cooperative relations that enhance academic cooperation with local and international institutions.

-                     To contribute to finding opportunities and support for members of the academic body and students in the field of exchange, academic development, student grants and fellowship.

-                     To contribute to the conclusion of cooperation agreements or memorandums of understanding between the University and its counterparts at the local, regional and global levels.

Work area:

-                     Memorandums of understanding and relations.

-                      External Posts.

-                     University membership in federations and organizations.

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