University complexes

West Kordofan University is located in the northern part of the state of West Kordofan and distributed the university complexes in both city and breasts Oboozbd and Ghibaish.
City complex breasts
Is the main complex where has the university administration, represented by the President Office and the Office of the Vice President as there are all of the Dean of Student Affairs Deanship of Library Affairs and the Secretariat of Scientific Affairs and Scientific Research, and faculties: Faculty of Education and Faculty of Islamic sciences and the Arabic language and the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and Undersecretary of Science Administration, economic and social and Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology and the College of Graduate Studies and the Faculty of Community Development, and centers: Center for Peace Studies and geographic information and studies of water systems and gum arabic Research Center and forest products and computer center and network information and institutes center : Additional Studies Institute and Community Development and the Institute of imams and preachers and there are all of the media and public relations management, quality management and strategic planning and human resources management, financial management, legal affairs, administration, management services and the management of the university guards. There are schools by the foundation phase for training and health services center.
Oboozbd City complex
Where has the Faculty of Sharia and Law, which lies 81 kilometers southeast of the city of breasts.
Ghibaish City complex
Where has the Faculty of Veterinary Science, which lies 131 kilometers west of the city of breasts.

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