A delegation from the University of the albutana is visiting the University of West Kordofan


Received West Kordofan University and a visiting delegation from the University of lining headed by Prof. Anwar Ahmed Issa Rashid, director of the University of the lining, and the company of Dr. Othman Abu Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Bashir Ahmed Yousef, Dean of the Graduate School, and Dr. Mohamed Zine El Abidine Dean of Education Faculty, Dr. Morteza Khaled Abdullah Dean of the College of administrative Sciences and Economics, and Dr. Mohammed Obaidullah Dean of student Affairs, Dr. Abdul Qader Ahmed Montasser, Executive Director of the Office.

And Mr. Muhannad Ahmed Mohammed, Director Services Department, to discuss the prospects of activating cooperation between the two universities. The delegation was received by Prof. Ali Ahmed Hsabo Rector, Dr. Almazllah favor Balla Provost, Dr. Syed Ali Fadel Mawla Dean of Academic Affairs, Dr. Salah Egyptian Mohamed Dean of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, and Dr. Mohammed lamp civilian Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science, Dr. Abubakar Ibrahim Azavina Director Center for peace Studies. Presented by Professor Ali Ahmed Hsabo Rector brief explanation about the history of the university and its vision, also reviewed the academic programs offered at the university group. For his part, Professor Anwar Ahmed Issa Rashid thanks for the welcome and good reception for Guo in West Kordofan University, also gave an explanation for his alma mater and the date of its establishment and pointed out the similarity between the two institutions in terms of the educational message and research and academic programs. It highlighted what was agreed upon joint cooperation between the faculties of economics and education from the two universities and the exchange of information and expertise in all areas.
At the end of the meeting, thanked Professor Ali Ahmed Hsabo Rector visiting delegation on the visit, called to keep the channels of communication open between the two sides in order to work together for the benefit of the two institutions.

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