Deans of faculty of medicine and faculty health participated in the second coordination meeting between the ministries of higher education and the ministry of industry

In the presence of Prof. Somaya, Minister of higher education and scientific research Dr. Abdo Daoud state minister, ministry of industry and Professor Azhari Omar, undersecretary MHESR, vice chancellors and deans faculties of medicine, health, pharmacy, medical laboratories and nursing in public and private universities. The meeting aims to focus on the possibility of collaboration and coordination between the two ministries for continuous development of industrial project.

Prof. Somaya, confirmed that, the ultimate goal is to create cooperation and fill the gab between all sectors of the two ministries to develop industry and technology and consequences the country economics. On the other hand, her Excellency pointed that, high education graduated capable human cadres and conducting scientific research in all fields of research through 213 research center affiliated to MHESR.
The state minster, Dr. Addo express his optimism that MHESR has provided support to the national continuous industrial development project through plans, researches and programs to transform the country into an industrial country that produces and exports Sudanese products.
Meanwhile, undersecretary MHESR stated that, we have to prioritize coordination between our institutes through joint mechanism includes the scientific research cooperation and the medical committee of the national council for higher education and the ministry of industry

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