University and Society

The university is keen to activate their role in society emphasis on its mission of civilization and contribute to its development, through what you are doing from the process in a constructive scientific activities, and to achieve this has been the university curricula and programs to meet the basic needs of society, especially, women sectors and Child, Youth and nomads and traditional farmers design, so that direct the search efforts and guidance and education to serve these sectors and in order that the University has established a number of scientific research centers and critical facilities, such as:
 College Community Development
 M focused health services
 For the training of imams and pray Center
 Center for Peace Studies
University and community activities:
 To contribute to the administrative performance of institutions and segments of society development by holding specialized conferences and courses and workshops .
 Rehabilitation of the foundation phase teachers and workers in the public and private sectors G Barr training courses, membership programs and training farmers gum arabic.
 The opening of rehabilitation programs for in-service campaign diploma from teachers and nurses
 University of Siirt number of convoys professors and students participated in the areas of health and educational, cultural and environmental da vinegar and outside the state Provide studies and consultations.

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