The state of West Kordofan

The state of West Kordofan
Location :
The state of West Kordofan, located in the southwestern part of the region of Kordofan in Sudan and between latitude 11-20 north latitude and 32.22 - 30.27 eastward this stretch between the latitude to make the state of West Kordofan enjoy Bakulaimyin natural, the southern part is heavy rainfall and vegetation and tree and heavy clay soils , and the northern part is a medium-range rain and light to prevail and sandy soil (soil Al Quoz) in this side of the state as an area of 111 373 m 2
Capital :
Alfolh City .
Neighboring States :
The state of West Kordofan lies between a number of states where bordered to the south-east of South Kordofan State, and from the north and northeast North Kordofan State, on the west by the states of North, East and South Darfur, on the south by South Sudan state .
Customs and traditions :
Living in the state a total of tribes including the Misseriya tribe branches and various branches and the Khmer Dinka and Fellata and Jawamah and Alibderih and Bani Fadel and other tribal diversity This was followed by a diversity of customs and traditions and those customs and traditions, we find:
1. Jawdah: a group of individuals is often headed by Sheikh or Alchertaah or mayor are repairing fences between the different parties in something.
2. horn: is a social phenomenon involved in all elements of the neighborhood or the team or the village or city to help meet a person as a result of special circumstances or build a collective project (public facility)
3. panic: it is a social phenomenon in which all the inhabitants of the team or the neighborhood or village rush to support or help someone stole something from him or a fire broke out in his home or his property
- We also find that there are some traditions have been lost, including Alhobesc and biography mass marriage (Koura) marriage. In addition to that in the south of the state usually it found Alkjr a vow Abbar for the Bzbha Sheikh Alkjr request to rain .
Wealth existing mandate :
Featuring many of the statewide wealth of them :
1. Agricultural: characterized by the cultivation of grains such as peanuts, sesame and love watermelon, corn, millet and cotton for Kirkda .
2. animal: south of the state is characterized by breeding cows, goats and sheep, while the north of the state we find is characterized by camels, sheep and goats Hamri .
3.-oil: The US state of rich oil wealth, where there are many fields such as petroleum field and night blue or iron and Srfaye There are also fields where work is under way now, in addition to gold, copper and marble .
4. forest: There is a mandate most important forest products that underpin the economy Sudan, gum arabic as well as Baobab and tenax and loan trees and buckthorn and Lalob .
Administrative division and sweeteners :
It includes 14 local state number, namely:
Local peace . Local breasts . Local Ghibaish . Local and Dbhanda . Local Abu froth . Local Khoi . Local Alodah . Local folder . Local Babanusa . Local agent . Local Lagawa . Local Meiram . Local Alsnot . Local Abyei .
Touristic areas :
Kordofan province is characterized by the nature especially beautiful in the fall, and the state of West Kordofan is one of the states of Kordofan province, where dominated by tropical climate and the heavy rain falling all that make them enjoy vegetarian heavy lid attractive for tourism and enjoy .

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