Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

It was established in May 2004,  aiming at developing health environment and health care in the ex- state of West Kordufan and to provide the country with well- qualified and highly skillful doctors and clinical scholars it adopts a curricula strongly related to the local community medical and health problems, The faculty offers the degree of Bachelor in medicine and surgery by the end of ten semesters if the students complete a total of (2 3 2) credit hours and passed the final exam with minimum accumulative average of (2.00)

Departments: ( Existing and proposed)

1.    Department of Basic science  
2.    Department of Physiology
3.    Department of Microbiology
4.    Department of Internal Medicine
5.    Department of Pathology
6.    Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
7.    Department of Community medicine
8.    Department of Pediatrics
9.    Department of Ophthalmology
10.    Department of ENT
11.    Department of Anatomy
12.    Department of Pharmacology
13.    Department of Radiology
14.    Department of Anesthesiology
15.    Department of Haematology
16.    Department of Dermatology

(4) Faculty of Nursing Science:

  Established in April 2013, located in El-Nuhud.     


A leading competitive faculty responsive to the diverse medical needs
of the local community and beyond through the provision of relevant
solutions to their urgent health problems  .

- To advocate remarkable  professional  ethics and positive attitudes towards establishing a healthy environment and promoting the quality of health care in the local community and beyond .
-To provide effective solutions to health care challenges.
- To  create  life-long  job  opportunities in the nursing field .
The academic programs cover a span of four years ( eight semesters) after which the graduates are granted  bachelors  of Science in Nursing Science .

1)    Fundamental of Nursing Basic Science.
2)    Medical and Surgical Nursing.
3)    Mother and Child Health Nursing.
4)    Psychiatric and Community Health.  

(5)  Faculty of Medical Laboratory Sciences:
  Established in April 2014, located in ELNuhud.

1)    Microbiology
2)    Clinical Chemistry  
3)    Parasitology and Medical Entomology.
4)     Haematology
5)    Histopathology and Cytology Department

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