Graduate College

It was founded in 2001 as a department affiliated to the secretariat of Academic Affairs and the department was promoted to a faculty in 2004
The faculty aims to fulfill the following goals:
-    To encourage graduate students and researchers to carry out researches and studies which might help to solve the urgent problems of the region in all walks of life.
-    To provide eminent  ground-breaking research undertaken across all disciplines at UWK with new insight and innovation.
-  To offer a number of programs of study which include the opportunity to conduct substantial , scientific and in- depth research leading to one of the qualifications below:
-Doctor of  Philosophy
-Master of Arts
-Master of Laws
-Master of Education
-Master of Science
In addition to postgraduate Diplomas which are taught  through courses and extend full-time over 12 months.
PhD programs extend over a minimum period of three years and  Master programs extend over two years as a minimum.

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